I am sorry that I haven’t posted in a long time. Its been a very busy time around here. Between work, school and learning to be a dad, I found that my camera has been spending more time on the shelf than I would like. Although I have been finding some time to practice my editing and trying to develop a work flow and figure out my style. Recently I’ve started teaching Irina on how to use my cameras so that she could take pictures with something other than her cell phone (although I do appreciate getting dozens of photos of our little one every single day). Irina not only loves photography but also has a very good eye. This got me reminiscing about my late Nikon 50mm 1.4, since thats the lens that started it all for me and got me into photography (unfortunately about a year and a half ago I let someone borrow it and well long story short it is now in pieces in box somewhere).  Since I haven’t been shooting much, I decided to re-edit one of the very last images I took using the 50mm.  This image was taken of Irina at Wild Wheat Bakery Cafe in Kent, WA.  This is one of our favorite places for weekend brunch.  Their ‘Grandma Minnie’s Blintzes’ are absolutely amazing! They were so good that after trying them for the first time, I scoured the web for a recipe so that I could prepare them myself sometime.

Here is the image of Irina and my first edit of it.


And here is my recent re-edit of it.



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