One Rainy Afternoon!

Ivan+Diana_DeceptionPass_1A few weeks ago, my good friend Ivan came over for some tea to discuss his plans on proposing to his beautiful girlfriend Diana. Ivan decided to propose at Deception Pass and asked me if I would be willing to come and take some pictures. Being that it was late January in Washington State, it was a bit surprising that the forecast called for partly cloudy skies. The morning of brought snow and a promise of rain for the rest of the weekend, but Ivan was not to be deterred. So I grabbed my cameras, some rolls of film, and started driving to Deception Pass. The plan was that I would get there about thirty minutes before Ivan and Diana and find the spot that my friend had marked earlier that morning.  When I got there, the rain was coming down pretty hard, and even though I looked and looked I could not find the markers that my friend left. Ivan had described the location to me earlier on the phone so I hid and waited for them to arrive. I saw Ivan and Diana arrive, get out of the car and walk towards the chosen spot. After some time when I could no longer see them I decided to  leave my hideout and slowly make my way towards the location because I did not want to miss the moment. As I was getting closer and rounding the parking lot, I saw Diana and Ivan in a different location than where I thought they would be, and Diana was looking directly in my direction! I immediately ducked behind a bush but I was pretty sure it was too late and that I was spotted. I spent the next thirty minutes crouching behind the bushes with random people wondering what I was doing there. And even though I did spoil the surprise, the day was a success because Diana said yes. Here are a few pictures I hope you’ll like. All images were taken with Nikon D3s.